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My picks of the best products (clothing, accesories, prints, crafts & more!) to pickup from one of the most popular homes for creative businesses.
Sugar Kings Baseball
Red The Bowtie Pinback
Multi Colored Blue Candy Wedge
My First Computer (Byte Edition)
Mickey Mouse Skirt
BOOM Leggings
Tap tap, is this thing on?
Announcing some pretty exciting news here today: I’ve been asked to start my own radio show which will start with streaming online, with the hopes to take it to Sirius and/or FM radio. It’s going to be an extension of Indie Minded, I’ll be talking about and showcasing small business and indie everything. This means MORE exposure for all of us small business owners!
The only downfall is that my partner in crime, Jared, is not close enough to be my co-host!
I’ll be looking for show sponsors, there will be TWO sponsors for each show, and each sponsor will be getting pimped out (I’ll be plugging your site, social media links, and doing interviews if you’re in the Boston area).
Here’s the sponsorship breakdown:
$25 per show (you can sign up for as many weeks as you want)!
$50 if you want to be the only sponsor!
I’m looking for indie brands, artists, musicians, designers, photographers, EVERYONE! If you’re interested, please leave your email address below, and I’ll be emailing everyone that is interested. Weeks will be first come, first served, there is already quite a bit of interest, so grab these spots while you can!
Anyone in the Boston area? Let’s get you in the studio!
(via Indie Minded Is Hitting The Airwaves! | Indie Minded)
Boston Tee Party
Come join us in Boston, for some speakers, shopping, music & more!
Get your tickets here!
This Saturday! I will be there, will you?
(via Zentangle and Encaustic Art with Tanya Miller « Business Boom Bolton)
Who is Mario and why did you first want to get into the t-shirt game? I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL to 2 very supportive parents. Growing up my parents filled the house with all types and genres of music which would stick with me till this day. High school is when I started to design tees and make music. The name Loud Silence came to me in 2001 while I was in class but it didn’t hit me at the time. I graduated from Full Sail University with a degree to make music but creating a brand is what stayed in my mind. We created Loud Silence after we noticed at the time that there weren’t many brands focused on music. How would your describe Loud Silence to someone who hasn’t heard of your brand before? It’s a fun brand that extends your passion and love for music and art. Music is so much apart of everything we do that we wanted to incorporate that into Loud Silence. Why do you continue to keep releasing shirts? Why not go get a 9-5 job? Releasing new tees is like releasing new beats, the reaction is the best. Knowing that you’ve created something out of your creativity and getting a great response is the most rewarding feeling. We’ll keep releasing tees as long as our Silencers keep loving them. As of right now I’m juggling working full time while running Loud Silence but working to change that soon. (via Interview Mario Elizondo of Loud Silence | Tee Gazette)
‘Paper Fudge’.
Founded and ran by design enthusiast Suzy Hardy, Paper Fudge specialises in creating bespoke wedding stationary that will transform and brighten up your special occasion. Not only this, Suzy is a dab hand at designing unique greeting cards, paintings and gifts!
(via Paper Fudge: Bespoke Wedding Stationary « Business Boom Bolton)
‘Paper Fudge’. Founded and ran by design enthusiast Suzy Hardy, Paper Fudge specialises in creating bespoke wedding stationary that will transform and brighten up your special occasion. Not only this, Suzy is a dab hand at designing unique greeting cards, paintings and gifts! 
(via Paper Fudge: Bespoke Wedding Stationary « Business Boom Bolton)

"‘The Teenage Market‘ is a new creative community idea organised by 17 year-old art and design Aquinas college student Tom Barratt. The event is based at Stockport Market Hall on Sunday 1st April from 12pm until 4pm and offers free stalls to young people and arts-based entrepreneurs who would like a platform to sell their products, promote their talents and skills and engage with the local community."

- Opportunities for Young Creatives at The Stockport Teenage Market! « Business Boom Bolton

(via Featuring Local Business – Whiddershins Craft! « Business Boom Bolton)

"Catwalk Creative Vintage, founded and ran by Louise Sleigh, is a central hub of fantastic vintage products sourced from all over the UK. Louise has a clear passion and motivation for her work and adding to that her skills and eagerness for social networking, she is certainly one to follow!"

- Louise Sleigh of Catwalk Creative Vintage Speaks to Business Boom! « Business Boom Bolton

(via The Hob Trading from PEZRULEZ | Tee Gazette)
(via Adorable Sock Friends by Apryl Callaghan! « Business Boom Bolton)
(via Featuring Local Pop-up Boutique – Deer Vintage! « Business Boom Bolton)
(via TTG New Tee Alert: Mellark Bakery by PEZRULEZ | Tee Gazette)

"So what interests me about fashion?
If you had met me when I was 11 I wouldn’t have said a lot – I was a tomboy and hated wearing dresses. But the seeds of a career in fashion were sown really young – my Mum remembers I was very opinionated about what I would and wouldn’t wear when I hit the age of 2 and that attitude hasn’t changed!"

- ‘Time Saved, Money Made’: Showcasing Manchester’s Wardrobe Angel « Business Boom Bolton