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I know how you feel, I was in your shoes just a year ago. But now I do what I love, working in-house by day and freelance by night. The creative in me never stops. How things can change in a year! 

Im Rhian Tarling, a graphic designer based in Yorkshire. I studied at Sheffield Hallam University and graduated just under a year ago. I have learnt a few valuable lessons in my first year out of university and I thought I’d share them all with you lucky people! 

Read the full article(via About to graduate? Congratulations, now its time for the real world! | Design Juices)
We make images and videos revolving around lo-fi visuals and installations. We try to always keep focus toward a high-quality image as a result, so we feel like the 2 opposites (high-quality and lo-fi) create a nice blend. We also favour a playful and experimental approach toward work, which is very important in our process.
We started working after school. I’m a graphic design major and Eve is a visual arts major. We met through work and moved in Berlin in 2008 to share a studio, and have been collaborating ever since. We shared a love for tactile work and how it always kind of carried happy little surprises in the results due to imperfection in the handmade process. (via Vallée Duhamel: Eve Duhamel and Julien Vallée Interview | Design Juices)
I was lucky to get my very first job actually, which was pre-Golly Slater. It was a small agency with an old school London creative director who took me under his wing, so that was good. He taught me a lot about how to simplify and think about propositions, what it is you want to say and the best way of saying it. I worked in Abu Dhabi for a year, which was an interesting experience. Not a particularly good one but an interesting one. 6 or 7 day weeks, 16 hour days but that was working on a lot of global brands like Mercedes and Bosch and international banking. I came back, moved to Leeds to work for an advertising agency called ‘Advertising Principles’ the 3rd or 4th biggest agency outside of London at the time, with accounts that included Air Tools, Green Flag, 7 Seas, and Regional Railways. Afterwards I moved back down to the Midlands to a really creative agency called Wallace Tomlinson where we did Puma, Brighton Homes, Banks Bitter. It was there where we were really creatively led and got a lot of awards. We focused on keeping clients happy while building the agency’s creative profile with an age concern charity, disfigurement ads, charity work, fostering campaigns and things like that. The last 8 years have been at McCann Eriksson. It’s a big American agency and I was creative head there for 7 years, working across Aviss international, Harley Davidson, Saab cars, Hardys wine and that sort of thing. It was a lot of consumer work and b2b. (via Freelance Creative Martin Parkes Interview | Design Juices)
2Rich Productions is a creative partnership between Richard Clark, who can write but barely draw a stick figure, and Rich Murray, who can draw but barely write his own name. Combining their strengths (and weaknesses), they recently created Scratch & Sniff: Pet Investigators, an e-book app for Storypanda, currently available in the App Store. But their story started long before that… (via Creative Partnership 2Rich Productions | Design Juices)
My picks of the best products (clothing, accesories, prints, crafts & more!) to pickup from one of the most popular homes for creative businesses.
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Three years ago by chance I bought a second hand French illustration book and loved all the artists in it. With a bit of research I found that most of them were represented by Colagene illustration Clinic in Paris. I emailed them to see if they were interested in my work and they said they were and we have worked very well together since. They also represent My Dead Pony, Silke Werzinger, Sonia Roy and Julien Pacaud to name a few, all of which I admire greatly. My clients include Cosmopolitan, Penguin Books, Elle, Glamour, The Washington Post and is constantly expanding. (via Sketchbook Illustration Junkie Chris Arran | Design Juices)
A graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University, Chris Arran has a string of successful stories to tell of his career to date. With a portfolio bursting with inspiration, and projects of work with Cosmopolitan, Vogue, MTV & many more! “I studied an illustration degree at Manchester Metropolitan University which was like being in a boot camp for illustrators. I mean that in the nicest sense, as the course had a very high rep which was brought about by the students being almost chained to our desks while we learned our trade. Back then my tutor was the legendary children’s book illustrator Tony Ross.” (via Sketchbook Illustration Junkie Chris Arran | Design Juices)
“I am a student in my final term of my final year at Loughborough University studying BA (Hons) Illustration. My work is handcrafted using multimedia and digital manipulation to create layered, colourful images. I draw inspiration from Laura Carlin who with simplistic brush strokes creates such engaging characters. Also Victoria Semykina’s paper structures and her use of colour and found materials to create images are refreshing. My work is also inspired by location and culture, I love exploring new places and absorbing the atmosphere. Drawing and collecting materials from somewhere I’ve never been before helps me generate new and exciting ideas. For three weeks over the summer of 2012 I went InterRailing over Eastern Europe and it has inspired many of my final year projects. All the elements of my final artworks are handcrafted in my sketchbook, which I then scan in, alter and assemble within Photoshop. I feel this process gives me greater control over the outcome without ruining the original drawing. It also enables me to keep a handcrafted aesthetic I want to maintain within my work. I have recently been using Brusho, which gives me the rich pigmented colour I have always been searching for. The texture and nature of the material creates beautiful colours and patterns, which I feel add a new dimension to my work.” (via Loughborough University Illustration Student Holly Chillcott | Design Juices)
Holly Chillcott is a current Loughborough University student, graduating this summer studying BA (Hons) Illustration. Taking inspiration from creatives such as Laura Carlin and Victoria Semykina she already has a great portfolio of work to take her next step into the industry. (via Loughborough University Illustration Student Holly Chillcott | Design Juices)
I Love you more than Marmite: Jessica Draws (via Creative Cards for Valentines Day | Design Juices)
Here we share and inspire you all with the work of creative designer James OConnell, (@jamesp0p) James is someone I’ve known via the creative scene in Manchester for a while now. It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to share his work, I trust you will all be as inspired with his illustrative talents as I am. (via Illustrative Showcase James OConnell | Design Juices)
Did I create a big enough xmas guide for you all?
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