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Are your favourite cat t-shirts on their last legs? It’s probably time to find your next purrfect tee! This list of 90 cat t-shirts and tanks is bound to have something you’ll want to get your claws into, and will cover you for at least 9 lives. All t-shirts are available to purchase online and as of the date of publication, all designs are in stock. (via Cat T-Shirts & Tank Tops - 90 of the Best you can buy on the internet! | Indie Minded)

Zombie Media is back alongside Jared this time to share with you their favourite t-shirts from the hit tv show Community. Tell us which is your favourite!

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Car Pool by Joe Wight is on Graphic Lab Tees for all you fans of Transformers and Deadpool all this week & can be yours for $11. ‘Screaming down from one of the weirder corners of the cosmos comes Carpool, the multi-form assassin for hire! When all hell’s breakin’ loose, he’ll dare to be stupid!’ (via Car Pool by Joe Wight on Graphic Lab Tees | Indie Minded)

Compiled by @zombie_media here’s our Indie Minded top 10 best tees to buy during July over on TeePublic. (Available for between $14-$20)

Hail to the King by Jrberger

Whooters by Mikehandyart

Love Cthulhu by Jimiyo

Full Roundup on Indie Minded

Four shiny new t-shirts this week are on Busted Tees; Porkcraft, Kumite Tournament, Wizards Kill Wizards & The Baldwins.

Does your day instantly get better anytime you smell bacon? Needs More Bacon and Bacon Elements t-shirts are found over on Deez Teez grabs yours now for $15.95. (via Bacon Fans Head Over to Deez Teez | Indie Minded)

Over on Zebra Tees they have a bunch of new designs now available this week, the tees are all $9; The Heroes, Jelly Baby, Rebel Warning, Watery Tardis, Keep Calm and Harry on & Hey Who Turned out the lights?

New t-shirts over on Weekly Shirts this week are; The Adventure King, Best Frenemies, Geronimo, Rocket & Allons-y all $12 Online.

Classy Quotes by Tom Trager features over 10 quotes on one very classy tee from the cult film everyone loves; Anchorman.
£16.68 online

Don’t miss out on the Dr Who & Geeks Grab Bags available for a limited time at Weekly Shirts & Blue Box Tees.

Who is… robotrobotROBOT?

Honestly? I am a forty-something guy with a lovely, patient wife, a cute dog, a disappointing beard, and glasses. I’m from the UK. I think I’m addicted to chocolate. I can be too needy and I worry a lot. I can get really whingey when things are going badly and I probably sound boastful when things are good although that’s from a genuine desire to share the happy things. Sometimes I struggle with real life but don’t we all? I have many failings but I hope my friends and loved ones can see past them. I’m always angry. My real name is Paul. Hello.

Best Chocolate bar?

Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter. And I will literally fist fight anyone who disagrees.

How did you get started in this tshirt design game?

The truth is I just can’t do anything else. And yes, I realize some people say I can’t do this either. I have exactly the wrong mix of depression, anxiety and overwhelming inner rage for me to function in real life. I can’t remember the last time I had a day job that I didn’t storm out of, sobbing in frustration. Once I realized there were not many options left in terms of jobs, t-shirt designing actually started to look like a valid choice. I had always dabbled in the “creative arts”…painting, writing, music, (actually, I’m not a bad musician) so I figured it was worth a shot.

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Compiled with the help of @zombie_media, here’s our Indie Minded top 15 for the best tees to buy for February over on TeePublic. (Available for between $14-$20)

See the full Roundup on Indieminded

Compiled with the help of @zombie_media, here’s our Indie Minded top 15 for the best tees to buy right now over on TeePublic. (Tees available for between $14-$20)

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Doc In A Box: Tardis Lovers

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Doc In A Box: Tardis Lovers