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Here’s our recommendations for the 10 Design Books which have been proven to be the most popular in 2014, which are you going to add to your Library today?
6. Know Your Onions: Graphic Design
7. Chronicles: Art & Design (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)
8. GO:A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design
9. Zenspiration Dangle Designs
10. Great Designs (Dk)
Full List (via The Most Popular Design Books | Design Juices)

Just Eyes! by robotrobotROBOT

Hoth Climbers by drawsgood

The Brickchesters by Fanboy30

Human Brains by synaptyx

Why So Curious? by Andy Hunt

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Compiled with the help of @zombie_media, here’s our Indie Minded top 15 for the best tees to buy right now over on TeePublic. (Tees available for between $14-$20)

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Let’s face it, sometimes we all struggle with what to buy at Christmas. Whether your buying the office secret santa, your uncle bob or that special someone in your life. Here we have assembled some of the more creative gifts for christmas, with the best art, prints, t-shirts, accessories, gadgets, toys & more.

See the full roundup: http://www.designjuices.co.uk/2013/12/last-minute-creative-gifts-for-christmas/

Anatomy of a skull | Tim Easley

Bohemian Lampshade | Rachel Taylor

8 out of 10 | Creativespark

Bear | Saucewear

Crash Simulator | Glennz

Recipe book | Emmajacksonillo

Sticky and Sweet | Jade Boylan

Recovery | Belletragedie

Felineup | Captain feline

Its always coffee time | Seanwes

1. Palaye Royale – Get Higher
2. London Rose – Kick Drum
3. The Deep North – We Are Only Strangers
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Our October Redbubble roundup is a mix of television, film and pop culture designs based around Halloween featuring; Eozen, Brinkerhoff, Spongebob, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad & more! Which is your favourite?
Waterdeep Dungeon Crawlers by Nana Leonti
The Mischievous Gremlin by mikehandyart
Elm St. Nightmares by Art-Broken
BREAKiNG DEAD by kgullholmen
Brains… by Purplecactus
Nightmare by Cubik
Winchester Tavern by superiorgraphix
This is our October top 10 featuring music that we’ve played on the radio show, and a few new tracks that we haven’t played yet.
1. Fairy Bones – Like Like
2. Bearstronaut – Where I’ll Die
3. The Deep North – Voices
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Here I showcase my favourite tees on Big Cartel stores so far in September 2013, some designs include; who clothing, peaked apparel, own the night clothing, friend n foe clothing & more.
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So without further ado, let’s welcome to the Indie Minded stage a round-up of music-inspired t-shirts which can be found and purchased online….
The Venetia Fair | Facebook | thevenetiafair​
Our September Redbubble roundup is a mix of television, film and pop cultured inspired designs featuring; Bamboota, Tom Trager, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad & more!
My picks of the best tees, vests & crewnecks to buy this september from Storenvy, featuring designs from; Cherry Sauce Clothing, All Hail Clothing, Weekend Society & more.
This is our September top 10 featuring music that we’ve played on the radio show, and a few new tracks that we haven’t played yet.
Bearstronaut – A Better Hand
Fairy Bones – Like Like
The Open Feel – Pushing Back
Flavia & The Red -  Whiskey and Lace
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My picks of the best essentials to buy this august from Storenvy, whether you after a new backpack, trainers, t-shirt & more they have you covered!
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My picks of the best beach essentials to buy this july from Storenvy, whether you after a new swimsuit, bikini, t-shirt, shorts, vest, sunglasses & more they have you covered!
Shark Bite Onesie from Bad Aby Designs
Rock Band Beach Towels Beetles from Nowa’s Marketplace
Anchor Lovers Beach Shorts from Showmall
Life’s a Beach (Sunglasses) from Technicolor Coffin
Flower Bikini from SYNDROME
BIKINI SEASON Muscle Tank from kkarmalove
Mesh Summer Dress from Haus of Lux
Flora Braided Lace Sandals from QueenMall
My picks of the best products (clothing, accesories, prints, crafts & more!) to pickup from one of the most popular homes for creative businesses; Storenvy this june.
Zombie Kingdom 2 Hoodie from Cherry Sauce Clothing
Stackable Tetris Lamp from Blackbird Beautique
The Black Widow from Design & Destroy
PANTONE® Chair from Trolley
Feather Wings from The Boudoir Lounge
Gothic Bat Tights from KyandiMeka
Gun Tattoo Tights Pantyhose Stockings from Genesis