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Here’s our recommendations for the 10 Design Books which have been proven to be the most popular in 2014, which are you going to add to your Library today?
6. Know Your Onions: Graphic Design
7. Chronicles: Art & Design (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)
8. GO:A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design
9. Zenspiration Dangle Designs
10. Great Designs (Dk)
Full List (via The Most Popular Design Books | Design Juices)
Eugene Lvovsky is a Russian/Canadian graphic designer from Toronto, who graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design in 2000, having worked for a number of companies he now works freelance so that more time and energy can go towards his own art. (via Typography Portraits & Artwork from Eugene Lvovsky | Design Juices)
Kate Broughton first studied at Leeds College of Art and Design before going onto study Textile Design at Nottingham Trent university. She now specialises in printed textiles. (via Printed Textiles Designer & Maker Kate Broughton | Design Juices)
Sites like Threadless, shirt.woot, TeeFury and others give artists the opportunity to do three key things: improve their skills, gain a ton of exposure and make money. That’s a win-win-win.
Here’s an eclectic group for your readers to follow: @ollymoss, @garyvee, @n8w, @TabibiDesign, @TDMAVERICK17, @GraveyardBallin, @AIGAUPSTNY, @GillianJacobs, @skaw, @Raid71 and @Mike_Doughty_.
You are bringing the heat with these tough questions! my top 5 favorite films (in no particular order): PCU, Braveheart, Weird Science, The COlor of Money and The Commitments. my top 5 favorite albums (in no particular order): Vs. by Pearl Jam, Sweet Baby James by James Taylor, Ill Communication by the Beastie Boys, Grace by Jeff Buckley and Back in Black by AC/DC. (via Interview Designer Andrew Gregory aka Lunchboxbrain | Design Juices)
Hannah Bowen is a surface pattern designer an illustrator about to graduate from Leeds College of Art having studied Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design. Hannah specialises in playful illustration and print design derived from a love of drawing and printmaking. Hannah will be exhibiting her final collection at New Designer Part one in June at the Design and Business Centre in London. (via Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator Hannah Bowen | Design Juices)
The University of Illustration show took place today at Kraak Gallery in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, despite nearly getting myself lost I really loved the show. I’ve snapped a few pictures to show the great work that was on display and the student involved really pulled off a brilliant show. The show featured previous featured designs on the site; Sarah Van Gough & Harrison Edwards. (via University of Illustration at Kraak Gallery | Design Juices)
I am a blue haired, coffee drinking illustrator/graphic designer based in Manchester! Also a self confessed gamer/geek. I’ve just finished my degree at the University of Salford, and ready and raring to jump into the creative world!
I’m a big believer in doing what you enjoy for a living. Although I’d be very capable at doing something more ‘academic’, I simply wouldn’t be as interested/involved with it as much as I would drawing and designing. I also see it as a very enthusiastic and friendly field to be in, which always helps when it comes to inspiration and motivation.
My first inspirations probably came from my love for music and film. Through what I listened to, I was introduced to some amazing artists who would work on album artwork/apparel designs for bands, such as Dan Mumford, illustrator for A Day to Remember, Parkway Drive and Trivium. And with film, Tim Burton’s wide range of artistic talent has always interested me, from his concept sketch drawings to the 3D models he created for animation. (via Interview Illustrator & Graphic Designer Sarah Van Gough | Design Juices)
“I have worked as a professional illustrator for over ten years and fulltime for the last four years. I specialize in editorial and commercial work and my visual language is often characterized by bold colors and – upon closer examination a lot of symbolism. Coming from a background of communication studies and graphic design I have always been fascinated by how visual symbols work to add deeper meaning as well as create understanding in a picture – without the use of words. Music has always been a key influence to my work, my musical taste encompassing everything from Lady Gaga to Norwegian Black Metal which creates a melting pot where I draw inspiration from lyrics as well as visual appearance and album artwork. Other influences include the late Swedish illustrator Hans Arnold, comics creator Mike Mignola as well as some of the great old ones; Van Gogh, Doré, Toulouse Lautrec, Kandinsky, Matisse and Picasso.” (via Björn Öberg Illustrator and Graphic Designer | Design Juices)
Hailing from Oakland, CA ‘Foureye Designs‘ are producing some great shirts and tote bags which are all hand-printed. Currently tote bags are available for $15 with tees available for $24. I’d pick out the Dapper Owl as my favourite. (via Indie Brand Spotlight Foureye Designs | Indie Minded)
Sabine Reinhart is a graduate in Graphic Design, from Fachhochschule Duesseldorf specialising in illustration and web design. Currently she works as a freelancer but has previously worked as an art director both in Germany and Switzerland. (via Sabine Reinhart Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer | Design Juices)
My picks of the best designs to hit up and purchase from Storenvy this past month, featuring designs from;
Simpson Cross | Syndrome
Falling Sweets | Pinkly Ever After
Stack a Alpacas | Kuma Crafts
Gangstar | Contour Hooligans
Anakat Fencewalker | Captain Feline
Perkercher | Cherry Sauce Clothing
“I’m a freelance illustrator based in Preston, UK. My work is a combination of hand drawn lines and collaged textures – both real and digital. I love creating characters in my illustration and adventure and travel influences a lot of my work – I enjoy using maps as a texture and pattern, and many characters I draw are inspired by things I have seen and people and personalities I have met along the way. I studied illustration at UCLAN and have a PGCE in Art and Design from the University of Cumbria. When not illustrating I teach Secondary Art and deliver artist workshops, where students and their ideas often have as much influence on me and my work as I may have on theirs! I recently finished work for the Mail Me Art 3 project, which will be exhibited in London in August, and have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline – ranging from comic art to logos to tattoo design!” (via Freelance Illustrator Amy Freeman aka Mangotree Illustration | Design Juices)
“I am currently in my final year of a graphic design degree at the University of Cumbria, miles and miles away from home. I remember one of my interview questions to get onto the course was why had I chosen the university, and a lot of my friends asked me the same thing at the time. It was just simply where I felt I had to be, I know many people would have thought of london first for graphic design, but it was the quality of students work and the style of the course that made me feel that this is where I wanted and needed to study. As well as the course being amazing the university is in one of my favourite places, The lake district, I love escaping to the mountains with my camera, and the route my first train to get home takes over the settle. Despite not having ventured past Carlisle on my own as yet, I am entirely obsessed with the need to travel I dream of India, Ecuador and other wild places and hate the thought of not having my camera in reach.” (via Graphic Designer Steph Stilwell | Design Juices)
“My work displays the world as I see it, a world of color, lines and textures. I draw freely without typically correcting mistakes. I find that my subconscious mind stores my greatest creativity, and I allow it to come forth through spontaneous and irregular line work. My colors are bright and warm, and my textures are rich. I can find my inspiration almost anywhere; books, conversations, wallpaper, antiques and in quiet retrospection. My influences include Jordin Isip, Joe Ciardiello, Julia Rothman and Ralph Steadman. I was educated at the Savannah College of Art and Design. My focus of study was illustration and graphic design. Savannah is a magical place for artists, rich with history and culture. I am currently working as a graphic designer, and recently began delving into the world of textile and surface pattern design.” (via Phillip Wells Illustration | Design Juices)
“I work full time as a graphic designer for a communications company in Cheshire, but the work is very corporate, so I like to produce my own designs where there are no restrictions. I work mainly with digital design for print but have recently tried my hand at other media such as Lino, pyrography and paper cutting. I feel that paper cut designs in particular suit my minimal simplistic style and have posted a number of these works on my blog and other social media.” (via Graphic Design and Paper Craft of Paper Acrobat | Design Juices)