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Are your favourite cat t-shirts on their last legs? It’s probably time to find your next purrfect tee! This list of 90 cat t-shirts and tanks is bound to have something you’ll want to get your claws into, and will cover you for at least 9 lives. All t-shirts are available to purchase online and as of the date of publication, all designs are in stock. (via Cat T-Shirts & Tank Tops - 90 of the Best you can buy on the internet! | Indie Minded)
Lego was founded in 1932, making the popular bricks 82 years old this year. While there may not be too many 82 year olds around building masterpieces, Lego’s design quality and allure has many adults unwilling to “leggo” of their favourite sets and mini-figures. Sound like you? While you were at play, I assembled a list of the best Lego t-shirts! All t-shirts are available to purchase online and as of the date of publication, all designs are in stock. Master builders get ready! With the following list of specs you’ll be able to assemble the best Lego t-shirt collection ever… (via 40 of the Best Lego Inspired T-Shirts | Indie Minded)

Over on Blueboxtees you can get your hands on; Doctor Tracy, The Man Who Keeps Running, Girs Blue Box, Doctors Orders, Wibbly Wobbly Blinky Winky & Just This Once by Megan Lara for $12 Online.

The Making of Heisenberg by Tom Trager on Redbubble, ‘Every mythological object that stirred a humble chemistry teacher into an ego maniac crime lord.’ (via The Making of Heisenberg by Tom Trager | Indie Minded)
So, the Breaking Bad season premiere was on August 11th, and that means that some of you may be on the look out for some new Breaking Bad designs, am I right? Well, look no further, Redbubble has put together a nice collection for you to check out. (via Check Out Redbubble’s Everything Breaking Bad Collection! | Indie Minded)
Here we have a new design from perdita00 called The King In The North. Pick yours up today over at Redbubble for $24.13 USD! Fans of the hit TV show Game of Thrones will no doubt enjoy this new design. (via New Tee Alert: The King In The North by perdita00 | Indie Minded)
Seems the Grumpy Cat doesn’t like the latest contestant on Take Me Out ITV.
(via New Tee Alert: Adventure Awaits by Karen Hallion via Threadless | Indie Minded)
(via TTG New Tee Alert: Mad Man by AngryMongo | Indie Minded)
(via TTG New Tee Alert: SHINY PLACE by Keez | Indie Minded)
(via Time-y Wimey from Tom Trager | Indie Minded)
Here we have another great mash-up, this time from our friend kevbrett. This design mashes up everyones favorite… Superman with Doctor Who. All mashed up, it’s called Super Who? You can pick up Super Who? right now for $23.52 USD! (via New Tee Alert: Super Who? by kevbrett | Indie Minded)

        I am watching Ricky Gervais

            “Live Politics”
            Check-in to
     Ricky Gervais on GetGlue.com
(via TTG New Tee Alert: [Pre-Order] Bob Swaget by Radio Fonix Apparel | Tee Gazette)
Gotta Love Me, Galactic Battle Crest, Prawn District; These new t-shirts from bamboota show how to parody the hunger games and more!
(via New Tees from Bamboota | Tee Gazette)