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Samuel Keeley is a vector based illustrator who graduated with a BA Illustration Degree from Middlesex University. (via London Based Illustrator Sam Keeley | Design Juices)
Illustrator Wes Watson uses the philosophy of ‘Keep it Fun’ this helps to bring a little laughter into people’s lives (via Illustrator Wes Watson | Design Juices)
The Making of Heisenberg by Tom Trager on Redbubble, ‘Every mythological object that stirred a humble chemistry teacher into an ego maniac crime lord.’ (via The Making of Heisenberg by Tom Trager | Indie Minded)
(via Ludo Rocks by Aconyers | Indie Minded)
(via Bang Bang by MEKAZOO | Indie Minded)
Secret Sauceity is our next favourite tee to be found over on Redbubble, created by MEKAZOO. Who knew the illuminati and the humble pizza slice were one and the same! (via Secret Sauceity by MEKAZOO | Indie Minded)
Solo Smuggling is a new design now available by Doodle Dojo on Redbubble, for all star wars fans everywhere. ‘You want your goods delivered fast? With no questions asked? And no imperial entanglements? (That bit might cost a little extra.) I know of a ship that might just suit your needs.’ (via Solo Smuggling from Doodle Dojo | Indie Minded)
(via TTG New Tee Alert: Fire Department 451 by Dan Wolfe | Indie Minded)
(via TTG New Tee Alert: SHINY PLACE by Keez | Indie Minded)
Did you take your old Nintendo video games out from the back of your wardrobe recently? no? Well maybe you should, and then order this legendary design from Andy Hunt before strapping in for an all nighter of gaming action! (via Legendary by Andy Hunt | Indie Minded)
(via Time-y Wimey from Tom Trager | Indie Minded)
Recently added to the Doodle Dojo shop over at Redbubble is this design called Wizard of Who, which is a mash-up of Wizard of Oz and Doctor Who! Head on over and pick this one up today for $24.54! We’re off to see the Doctor, The wonderful Doctor of who. (via New Tee Alert: Wizard of Who by Dan Wolfe | Indie Minded)
samurai 8bit by ~ghozai
Hello World by ~gilang2007