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Here I wanted to showcase a huge roundup of my favourite video game inspired t-shirt designs as an A-Z available over at Redbubble.
Halo: Overkill by Bamboota
Mortal Kombat: Toasty BBQ Shack by Winterarwork
Angry Birds: Angry Mutant Ninja Birds by WeRsNs
Pokemon: Gotta Catch a Bunch of Em by Dean Lord
Zelda: Game of Blades by Zerobriant
Not only are we bringing you a great email with t-shirt designer Elias El Daoud aka Wersns, but we are also running a giveaway!
Comment on the interview telling us which is your favourite wersns creation and we will pick a winner on May 3rd 2012. (via Interview & Giveaway with Elias El Daoud aka Wersns | Tee Gazette)
(via I’m With Stupid by Wersns | Tee Gazette)
(via Plumbing Problems from Wersns | Tee Gazette)
(via Inspector Spacetime New from Wersns | Tee Gazette)
(via Cell Phone Evolution from WeRsNs | Tee Gazette)
(via Not Into Sports from WeRsns on Ript | Tee Gazette)
(via Dr Who on Ript: Who Let the Dogs out from WeRsNs | Tee Gazette)
(via IT Crowd Inspired New Tees from Wersns | Tee Gazette)

The Trashtalker from weRsns | Tee Gazette

(via Rare Items from Wersns on Redbubble | Tee Gazette)
(via New weRsNs: Supermario & Supernatural Mashup and Dr Who | Tee Gazette)

Dexter had probably enough of this silly mask and decided to end it ! Please be serious “Scream killer” ! Oh wait…
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